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Vernissage Lindarts, Communiqué de presse



Photographs: Courtesy of Denise and Pieter Mayer

Linda Racine, promoter of LINDARTS, is proud to announce that the official launch of LINDARTS has been a great success and was attended by some 50 artists from the Laurentians, Montreal and Lower St-Lawrence.

To meet their needs in corporate gifts and/or decoration, business representatives were able to admire a wide variety of parts and had the opportunity to interact with the creators.

In addition to the corporate clientele, personalities from the art community attended the launch:

Mr. Jean Lapointe, ex-senator, singer and actor who now works in the field of art (

Mr. Gian Carlo Biferali, art curator and collector who has worked 20 years at the Dominion Gallery (

Mr. Jean-Jacques Chapdelaine, sculptor of great experience and one of the founders of the Council of Quebec Sculpture. For more info:

Mr. Michel Gautier, president of the Council of Quebec Sculpture, has exhibited with us and I thank him warmly to having lent himself to this experience (

And finally but not least, my gratitude goes to Mr. Roger Langevin (, recognized monumental sculpture sculptor and our guest of honor. Mr. Langevin and his wife Monique Bégin came from Rimouski and have encouraged and enlightened me with great honesty since the beginning of the project.

Thank you all!

Who are we?

LindArts has offices in Montreal as well as in the Upper Laurentians, Quebec, Canada. Originally from Montreal, founder Linda Racine is involved in several organizations as well as in sale of visual art and crafts since 2001. Possessing over of 25 years experience in corporate companies; she decides to devote herself entirely to the promotion of Quebec artists and their work and thus expand their visibility.

In this website, you will find a sampling of the works of these artists. Here is an overview of the mediums that you will find:
Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Digital Art, Illustration, Jewelry, Woodworking, Ceramics, Pottery, Marquetry, Recycled Cutlery, Mosaic, Glass, Pressed Flowers, Pewter, Hand-blown Glass, Stained Glass, Body Products, and more.

You are on our website because we have contacted you? You have been referred to us or you have been directed to our website LindArts? We encourage you to contact us to discover more creations, and thus enable us to offer you a distinctive service adapted to your needs. Whatsoever for the decoration of your offices, corporate or diplomatic gifts, we are convinced that the artwork of visual art of our artists and our different professional in crafts will transform your work environment and appeal to the hearts of the people to whom you offer a piece entirely created by hand.

The time has come to make wonderful discoveries!
Linda Racine

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