Des Rosiers, Clément

Clément Des Rosiers is always proud to present to the public his original technique of fusion / agglomeration of recycled glass. It allows him to create beautiful paintings of light of crystalline beauty and three-dimensional transparency. In fact, this technique invented by Mr. Des Rosiers to create and produce his works is probably unique in Quebec, if not in the world! It is the result of patient research and of persevering experimentation on a deemed material very difficult to recycle. Mr. Des Rosiers works to the tuning and the development of this form of art since three years now.

All glass contained in these small tables (6 x 6 tiles) comes exclusively from used glass bottles (wine, alcohol, etc.). As each 'table of light' contains the glass of about two bottles thrown into the recycling, this art form is humbly within the ecological thought of sustainable development (especially as the industrial recycling of glass is very problematic in the region).

Aged 57, Mr. Des Rosiers still tames the public art market after a career of thirty years at the Polyvalente de Mont-Laurier, in the Upper Laurentians, where he taught successively artisanal cabinet work, initiation to technology, and the arts. He holds a Bachelor's degree in education and a certificate in Fine Arts from UQAM.
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