Durand, Sylvain

Handmade pens, this may seem insignificant. Yet, it is the company of Sylvain Durand, owner of Stylos Mont-Tremblant. The Mexico rosewood, quilted maple burr, blackwood or zebrano Africa, ivory pink; these are just some of the 47 kinds of wood used by Sylvain for the factory with his pens and fountains pens.

Sylvain is passionate about wood. Armed with his lathe, he carves pens and fountains pens for which there is still demand. The ink is now integrated into the pen, no more unwanted trails. He was doing some for his friends and his family. And it is quite naturally - by word of mouth - that there was a demand for his pens that are so original. Composed of exotic wood, they come from the four corners of the world.
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