Gravel, Diane

Practicing with equal pleasure sculpture, drawing and painting, she realized a series of works in these three disciplines. Her subject is the human body. Being often fascinated by the grace of the sculptures of the middle ages and the early renaissance, she often draw her inspiration directly from a specific work to start a series. Thus, she drew the sculpture first to well immerse herself and then shaped a ceramic figurine in her personal style: the work of volumes in round by plans and marked angles (she calls these her angular sculptures). Then, seeking an angle and a proper lighting to well highlight the game of volumes, she sketches a sculpture, and finally, she realized a painting in the same spirit.

More and more, she starts her series no longer after a medieval sculpture, but from a work of another era, or a gesture, an attitude, a natural posture of the body simply. What interests her most in the representation of the body, is not individuality, but the strength, structure and sensuality: her characters without a face is therefore not determining individuals, but a universal human, solidly built and conscious of its materiality.

Diane holds a D.E.C. in fine arts as well as bachelor's degree in visual arts. She has participated in many exhibitions since 1984 and has also taught at primary, secondary levels and adults. Some of her works are found in private collections in Quebec, Canada, United States, France and Britain.
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