11'' x 2 1/2''
75,00 $

Hutchison, Robin

To engage in the profession of ceramist poses a constant challenge. Working directly with the elements of earth, water, air and fire in these times of industrialization, create new in a trade old as a civilization takes a very personal motivation. I am touched by the intimate moments of nature, the stretching of the bark on the trees, the water that is collected in the hollows, the ice that forms in the creek. I am sensitive to materials that surround me, river clay, granite of our landscape, the ashes of my wood stove.

Sometimes my pots are soft and round, and sometimes I cut and roll them in crushed rocks. Glazes made of local clay and ashes flows fluidly or are dry and rough or layered for more depth. Pots are cooked at high temperatures in a gas oven and elements overlap or they are burnished with a stone without any glaze and baked originally in a barrel and decorated by the smoke and steam.

Regardless of the method, in the process of making pottery one must accept a certain unexpected. I find this mysterious and deeply rewarding exploration.
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