Rivest Savignac, Evelyne

Evelyne Rivest Savignac practices ceramic art since more than 12 years. Installed in the heart of the Laurentians, her work is evolving under the guise of an imposing nature and inexhaustible inspiration. What guides the multiple productions of the artist, raku and porcelain with high temperatures, is undoubtedly her interest for the central color in its creation. Raku, a technique of cooking of Japanese origin very intense or even unpredictable, quickly became the main route used by the artist to obtain results loaded by contrasts, the iridescence and vividness of colors... (As with the nature, it is still here a certain dialogue between will and chance!)

Working the clay is an immemorial, brimming with meaning and even fundamental art... Evelyne says this is her humble trade, always in the attempt to create the wonders of the fabulous for her as for the purchasers of her pieces.
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