Fiber Art
15'' x 15''
500,00 $

Rollet, Nathalie

Born in Lyon (France) in 1964, she immigrated to Montreal in 1968. Her art is known as textile art. She creates collages of textiles with several small individual tissues and parts that are superimposed in layers and stitched on a fabric of more important dimension to obtain a harmony of depth and warmth. Then, she incorporates various types of wool, dyed and spun by hand, and beads (glass, metal, wood, bone, stone, ceramic and shell) from the 4 corners of the globe to create unique and colorful artistic works of tapestry. Beads and fabrics are fixed using wires in cotton, silk, wool and metal.

Her art is more, consciously and unconsciously, influenced by experiences and knowledge accumulated during her travels in some countries of Latin America and Asia. She has always been fascinated by things made by hand because we actually get to feel the essence of the artist.

Just as her early works reflect her visual experiences, her abstract pieces reflect her inner being interwoven into all the sensitivities that she has cumulated through the countries of the third world - their different ways of life, their different cultures and spirituality.
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