Lauzon, Roger

Owner of L’Atelier Déclic since 2006, creation, distribution and sales of photographic works, Roger Lauzon undertook in recent years a search for out of the box photography. Digital photography offering him the opportunity to explore fields of uneasily accessible to the silver print, he therefore started his quest to exceed the first perception we have of nature.

For him, it is not to photograph what the eye perceives instantly but to give another dimension, a new look, different, unusual. His photographs are not addressed to a specific perception of nature, it is to go further, to watch, to photograph what the imagination, the unconscious can perceive and done that we contemplate its beauty and diversity.

To this end, the game of shapes and light kick in and create the image. Here the rock, wood and water interact with time, movement and light. Everything is used to photograph the unreal, the mythical hiding at first glance. A kind of x-ray of the soul of nature resurfaces. His objective is to secure the elusive, an image that cannot be resumed because the mix of all these elements that made it possible no longer exists. Thus sensitivity and imagination that everyone can see, grasp this unconscious magic in nature. Here, the medium of digital photography becomes the tool that captures and makes this quest possible sustained from a unique photo to each person.
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