Artistic photography
20'' x 24''
475,00 $

Lebel, Sylvie

Sylvie Lebel, of Lebelimage, wishes to show her vision of things. To do this, the artist has recourse to a particular process. "I try to show others what I see, she says. I have created a process allowing me to not to use the glass which, in my opinion, deprives us of a dimension. Instead, I apply a coating on the image. I then glue the picture on a wooden plate and I finish giving a texture with the help of my brushes.

It is therefore possible, admiring the "photographic paintings" of Sylvie, to perceive what she detected in the first place, behind her lens. A tree, while majestic, remains a tree. The photo of a plant at first sight does not allow capturing the image that the photographer has first seen. Thanks to this very personal technique, it is possible to share with the artist what she felt. "I discovered a passion for photography a little more than six years ago, says Sylvie. » I am seriously devoted to my art since four years.

Source : Guillaume Vincent, Information du Nord Mont-Tremblant
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