Dupré, Pascale

Born to create, Pascale, a university graduate in Graphics Communications, began her career as an Illustrator. Over the years, her practice will increase from small to large formats, illustration for children and editorial to scenic painting. This led her to the wonderful worlds of commercial decor, cinema and television for more than 20 years. Her motivation? Her constant attention to detail, of undeniable visual impact, as well as an insatiable curiosity and desire to excel every time!

Having studied in the field of illustration and possessing a sense of observation and curiosity quite developed, she always tends to reproduce as faithfully as possible what surrounds her. She likes to portray the nature in the most universal expressions that are: the sky, the clouds, the trees, the mountains, the light, and the animals. She loves playing with the subtleties of color and light. An array that has no light, for her, is a dead painting. She is pleased to seize a detail and transpose it to give free rein to the composition of the painting that quietly leads towards abstraction.

In recent years, she tends to drop the whole to only keep the essential, part of a whole. However, natural forms are transformed into masses in movement and textures.
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