Gauvin, Luc - CHAMP 2


Oil on canvas
40'' x 30''
1 200,00 $

Gauvin, Luc

Born and raised in Montreal Luc studied graphic design at UQÀM (University of Quebec in Montreal), and drawing and oil painting at Concordia University. He has been working in the advertising design sector for many years as studio director for an important agency located in Montreal, Canada.

Since his teen years Luc Gauvin has been fascinated by drawing and portrait and especially by surrealism art. His passion for color, movement and music inspires him surrealist images that he visually reproduces in his work. His studio is a peaceful and harmonious sanctuary, a true creativity haven.

Gauvin’s early work was somewhat influenced by Salvador Dali’s paintings. He did not pursue his surrealism journey though and has followed other artistic avenues. His creative mind has since led him to explore a pictorial expression characterized by the capture of snapshots from his personal artistic world – that he transposed his unique vision of those moments in time in works of art filled with visual emotions depicted in a true personal graphic rendition.

Luc Gauvin has developed a unique technique widely inspired by his inner psyche that gives life to an eclectic world of interplays of shadows and lights, highly intriguing and introspective. Luc Gauvin invites us to discover his work through our own mental imagery and emotions of the moment or on the contrary, through memories brought to life by his art.

Luc Gauvin draws his inspiration from the emotional power of nature. Thanks to the depth of his creativity he beautifully translates his interpretation of earthly images into cosmic visions. These complex and personal representations create moments of intense connection between art aficionados and his works of art.

One thing’s for sure: Luc Gauvin’s work leaves no one indifferent.

Luc Gauvin’s paintings are dynamic and evocative bursts of nature. In his paintings, Luc Gauvin transcends the dreariness of urban landscapes to travel into a universe of ethereal nature-inspired scenes. Luc Gauvin is a master at melding techniques such as pointillism, drip painting and a representational depiction of nature. His canvases provide a unique vision of the infinite tone sand shades found in lush vegetation. Gauvin alternates techniques to express different emotions. In some paintings, well-defined blades of grass are calming and still while in other works are an abstracted cornucopia of flowers blooming across the canvas with overwhelming energy.

At all times Gauvin’s work goes beyond representing nature as a simple escape. By rendering natural sceneries in different artistic inflections, he explores various themes.

In his ebullient and colorful works, Gauvin creates landscapes that are revitalizing and hopeful. In his work inspired by well-defined still blades of grass, the mood is quiet and restful but also tense with inevitable disruption. This multiplicity of nature in Gauvin’s paintings transcends both urban blight and the conventions of nature painting itself.

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