Hertug, Milène

In the evolution of contemporary art movements, my art is an exploration that recalls the duality between figurative and abstract. While painting, I let myself guided by the spontaneity built on the emotions, but also on the world in all its subjective states.

I try to transmit through each painting a message that develops inside me as an answer to my great metaphysical and existential anxieties and to shape it through the conceptual use of colors, matter and patterns.

The themes of my work span the urban landscape, the time as a solid anchor, the love as a way to create and balance emotions, the beauty as utopic or common aspirations, all reconstructed on a subjective perspective meant to express a personal reality and inspire an emotional reaction of mind for the viewer.

Technically, I alternate fine brushstrokes with gestural strokes, in order to create dynamic rhythms and bursting forms. The colors follow the spontaneity of the interpretation and the experience of senses.

My work is part of several collections in Canada, the United States, Europe and Africa.
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