Labbé, André

André Labbé, Quebec passionate, artist-painter, sculptor, stage designer, was born in Thetford-Mines on July 22, 1965. From his early age, he sets down on paper every little detail of forms and beauty that surround him. He says he often has the impression of being born with a pencil in his hand... Inspired by the religious imagination of Catholicism, he scrupulously developed his paintings from very marked episodes of biblical scenes that he questions, criticizes and honors. His artistic intuitions guide him gradually to the horizons of comparative mythology where he explores mystical and contemplative experiences of the most distinguished divinities.

He received distinctions in his region of Chaudière-Appalaches, formerly named the asbestos region. This part of the country marked by its industrial heritage and its rugged landscape provides the powerful feeling to Labbé of coming from a place with inspiring telluric forces.

Following the teachings of Renée Gilbert in Plastic arts, he continued his studies at Cégep Ste-Foy in Visual arts (formerly the fine arts). In 1990, he was admitted to the prestigious ENCT (National School of Theatre of Canada) in scenography. He therefore meets the Montreal elite and works in complicity with major directors, including Wajdi Muhawad, Dominique Champagne and Robert Lepage. From a very innovative touch, he made his way in the middle of showbusiness both in theatre and circus for institutions and troops such as the circus Éloize, Cavalia and Les 7 doigts de la main.

He will take charge of large-scale creations, will sign various corporate events and engage in the design of amusement parks or at themes, such as the festival Just for Laughts in 1994, the Volcanozor carrousel located at La Ronde in Montreal as well as several exhibitions at the Montreal Sciences Centre.

But it is out of the spotlight that André likes living his art. He prefers the serenity of the Quebec countryside where he recently established. It is in the small village of Sainte-Béatrix in Lanaudière that he works among his paintings, sculptures and drawings. His artistic fiber pushes him away from social evenings to pick, to the essence of things, the mythological inspiration that carries him. It is in the heart and listening to the Quebec nature that he feels far better his powerful need to create.

Labbé also has that rare ability to ignore scandalously time. This concept goes beyond him, it is for him a simple invention of man in society. Not rushing in the consumerist quest for of the mercantile America, he feels closer to the philosophy of the old continents. Cultivating the taste of refinement in the simplicity, he gazes quietly, with necessary detachment, at the consuming society burning as the end of an absolute reign.

André surprises, upsets and remains incomprehensible at times. His disconcerting sensitivity leads to better understand his work and to initiate with him a profound reflection on the spiritual dimension of the world. More than a work plastic, Labbé’s work stirs the worlds and the beliefs of everyone while unifying minds, ideas.

Artisan of continuity, of link, he provides the sensation of walking on this invisible and indivisible thread of life, matter and of the soul.
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