Lambert, Sophie - FIREFIGHTERS


Mixed techniques on canvas
48'' x 48''
3 840,00 $

Lambert, Sophie

Sophie Lambert was born and raised in Montreal where she studied graphic arts. She takes us into a universe of abstract impulses and pieces of dreams that echo through color, movement, light, and transparency. Her images frequently remind us of the journey, the exile, the sea, and we often find a calmness in which we get caught and lose ourselves.

Very near to nature, her lines are nearly non-existent, the shapes are distinguished through color changes, and we are moved by a violent chromatic storm of crude strokes. She draws her inspiration from organic matters and places she knows. Nature is the basis of her art.

Looking at her paintings, we can feel the wind as in the works of Turner, distinguish shades that remind us of Thomson, and perceive the radiance of Monet. She has incorporated many influences into her own work.

Her canvases are, for the most part, comprised of pieces of scenery where sheep, lamas, or sailboats exist in real, lyrical, or fictitious worlds. She captures timeless women that she imprisons in her colors and her space where they will continue to live. Her paintings are a very well balanced mix of abstraction and figurative work, all abounded expertly by color, the featured actor of her amazing creativity.

Sophie Lambert is constantly reinventing her own style as she slowly deciphers unexplored paths into the future of her art. Her paintings are shown in Canada and France; personal collections are found in Canada, United States, England, France, Japan, Singapore, Greece and Australia. Since 2004 she was awarded many prizes and distinctions .
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