Maisonneuve, Diane

Self-taught painter for many years, Diane works with the following mediums: oil, acrylic, lavis and drawing.

Her interest in painting on canvas, drawing and for horses exists since a young age and her parents encouraged her in this area. Her father bought her first equipment and encouraged Diane to paint with oil on canvas. He built the canvases and asked her to paint different landscapes that he loved. Diane also devoted herself to caricature and cartoon.

Over the years, her interest in art takes the path of the story of the great masters and horses that will trigger her inspiration. Art Baroque, Leonardo Da Vinci, Théodore Géricault and Eugene de Lacroix and horses are part of her passion. Horses are also part of the art for thousands of years and the most beautiful subjects are the Andalusian and LUSITANO. They are the eternal live models painted by the greatest artists, known as the Kings horses.

She spent much of her life with horses to better observe and analyze them and she worked among them for several years. She finally bought her own horse, read several books on their morphology, their anatomy and their behaviors. She took riding lessons; which allowed her to see them under another angle. Equestrian art came to join her. What she loves to do: paint horses under all their angles.
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