Themens, Arianne - UN CHANT D'AMOUR


Mixed techniques acrylic
24'' x 24''
1 036,00 $

Themens, Arianne

Raised in a family where arts occupied a prominent place, it is therefore not a coincidence, since childhood, that the light of heaven continues to move Arianne and that she’s being attracted by the horizons. Today, from these children looks that animate her otherwise when she paints, she responds to a spiritual quest and a deep desire for commitment to life and to our survival.

Working either from a series or a work project in its uniqueness, the use of mixed techniques gives the momentum of departure and fascinates her. The study of the composition, more determined, complements the draft in the array, then explores it through the bowels of her lands, trying incessantly to see and hear what the soul tells her. An elsewhere emerges shyly driven by the matteer. Textures and landscapes are manifested in this atmosphere where the color blends in plays of shadow and light giving the work a sculptural aspect.

Arianne advances along a path that wants to reach sacred places. A path that leads to the depths of the being who wants to sing in his own way, follow the road, say a personal signature in research, evolution, provoke a meditative state.
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