Turcotte, Denise

Paint; a gesture of love

Self-employed since 2000, Denise manages a small publishing house where she does the design and implementation of educational material aiming self esteem for early childhood. Since recently, she gives different training sessions that provide tools to guide us to meet one another in her model of the world.

Get to know, to love, to say is the motto which is at the heart of her business. As Denise believes that to go towards the other; one must first pass through the situation oneself. It became imperative to give herself more time to say. Painting is a way to say and to meet herself through her paintings.

She first achieved a diploma in Art at the Cégep de St-Jérôme; which always earned her jobs in education because she had a course in art; peopled banked on her creativity. She attended several trainings in childhood where she spent most of her work experience (20 years). She also took training in computer graphics, as a result of a work accident, which led her to create her company.
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