Armand Tatossian – (1951 – 2012)

Armand Tatossian was born in 1951 in Alexandria, Egypt. He is an artist since 1965. He is also a professor of the Art at the college of Loyola of Montreal. He is an artist that paints life, he does not need to go very far of his studio in Montreal to find his subjects. During his childhood, he was stunted by the beautiful light of Alexandria. He also captivated the subtle light of this Nordic country. Landscape and architecture, Tatossian transports us in a prophetic world that he later on creates. All of his work is based on the work of composition and drawing. The trees frame the distant view, but in this distant, the sky opens to a sensation of openness to infinity. The medium, it seems that Tatossian has his way of manipulating the paint impetuously; he creates an effect by using the postimpressionism vocabulary of Van Gogh, but transports this vocabulary further on in his work, the trace of the brush is larger and apparently more spontaneous. Tatossian accepts the artificialness of the image; he his engaged to transmit it. The wonderful colors give to each other a relation by their robustness even though they remain discreet; the composition of the structure seems to be the dominant element in his canvas. He his one of the only artist that the palette does not include black. The result in his work is a permanent clarity and joy of life of the scene in front of him. His work does not consist in reproducing formally a landscape, but to presents to us his way of seeing it.

Source : Galerie d’art Michel-Ange
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