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Marcellin Dufour (1946 -)

Born in 1946, Marcellin Dufour is a self-taught artist from the Saguenay region, in the province of Québec. Begins to paint at the age of 15 and since then his talent has never ceased to evolve. 1967, becomes a high school arts teacher. 1970, he is asked to illustrate the new edition of a book called ADAGIO from the well known French Canadian poet and author Felix Leclerc. 1975, stops teaching to exclusively pursue his painting career.

Towards the end of the 80’s, Dufour ceases to paint landscapes to then concentrate more on the art of abstract. However, visual elements, colors and light, remind us that nature still plays a leading role in everyone of his paintings, showing a more intimate side and becoming strangely more organic. This passionate, silent, impenetrable and vulnerable nature is very much closer to the artist’s temperament. More than 80 newspaper and magazine articles were published on Dufour. Critics often refer to him as the painter of light. Dufour has participated in over 46 shows throughout Quebec, Europe and the United States, of which 30 of them, where he was featured as the only artist on exhibit. Recently, he collaborated in a school publication entitled Anthologie de la litterature québécoise in which one of his works will illustrate a text from the author Nelly Arcan.

Source : Gerry Thomas Gallery
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