Beauchamp, Daniel

Daniel practices sculpture since more than 40 years and has worked with living models half this time. It is for him an inexhaustible and always actual subject.

Although the ancient game of the model, the workshop, the pose, the stele, the nakedness, the clay is expressed consistently in the history of art, he always reinvented himself by the fascination of the other as well as the difficult and troubling doubt to identify the whole reality.

Because, how to express the other without the trap of the mirror, the comforting simplification which emaciates the poetic strength of the presence. When the model undresses, he drops his link with this "age" to access by the paradoxically unique archetype which he solely carries to his own divination. He is the God of his existence. The research and the completion of the pose is the key that helps and facilitates the understanding of this mystery.

This is Daniel’s task, his challenge and wonder...
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