Bolduc, Renée

Renée live along the St. Lawrence in a beautiful countryside that provides her the space necessary for the accomplishment of her work and a place to live where she feels good.

Sculpture came to her by one of the surprising twists of life. After passing through the École-atelier de Sculpture de Québec, more than 15 years ago, she began practicing the art of modelling with happiness.

Renée has always been fascinated by nature and animals, she explores in sculpture the fabulous world of cats that are, according to her, among the most expressive creatures that exist. Observing them, she learns much about the expression "To be at ease with oneself" and tries to capture their wonderful present moment. In recent years, she is also interested in birds trying to seize their lightness and finesse of their shapes, as well as fish that represent for her the world of fluidity and dreams.
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