Destroismaisons, Armand - SENSEUR - HOMMAGE à MOZART


Marble and aluminium
47 x 18 x 21 cm
2 700,00 $

Destroismaisons, Armand

Armand Destroismaisons is a graduate of l’École des Beaux-Arts de Montréal and holds a Bachelor of pedagogy, an honours degree in fine arts option sculpture as well as a Masters in Art Education. Since 1964, he has been very active and has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions. His work is mainly done on stone, steel, wood, bronze and recycled materials.

Building on past experiences, Armand Destroismaisons trusts spontaneity which is however underpinned, in the era of forced industrialisation and consumption, by humanism today: respect for Nature and Life. Thanks to different materials, he attempts to translate what men of our time unconsciously feel: hope and fear. Thus, he tries in his own way, to modestly reach the universal.

"It is sure that Destroismaisons is not only an artist but an environmentalist, an ecologist who prefers truth, purity and transparency. "Could we blame him to love authentic, grass, flowers, lakes and woods?" (Excerpt from the 25th anniversary panegyric celebrated by his colleagues).

His works are part of public and special collections.
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