Dufour, Bruno - TRIBAL III


White pine
9'' x 2.5''
4250.00 $

Dufour, Bruno

His artistic approach is to work various mediums such as wood, stone, clay, bronze and other materials. Discover their capabilities and limitations; each medium has a special character, either in direct carving or modeling. In general, he worked figuratively but with a certain stylization. He explores different forms and expressions. The important thing for Bruno is to flourish in the present moment when he performs his artwork.

Originally from Montreal, Bruno now resides in the Upper Laurentians. His passion and his love of Mexico made him live there for a decade. In San Miguel, he followed a multitude of courses of great masters including: sculpture, photography, drawing, sculptures of wood and cement, casts and molds of plaster, drawing from nature, bronze leaks, etc., and this over a period of 7 years. Upon his return to Quebec, he constantly continues to improve. He passes his know-how by providing workshops and conferences since 1990.

Bruno has participated in more than 40 exhibitions in Quebec and the Mexico.
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