Lost-wax casting or Aluminium or Iron with polyester resin
12" H
Bronze: 3 000,00, Composite material: 900,00 $

Gautier, Michel

The human being is a part of a whole, neither more, nor less important than a river, a forest or a chain of mountains. I'm talking about the illusion of separation between us and the rest of the creation. We depend on the quality of our environment and its status reflects our state.

My installations serve as a theatre to perform. It is a search for layout direction for a 'total art', multi media and multi-sensory, which is a true interactive experience for the public.

I invite the public to change their perspective to feel this other 'reality' that is invisible. I want to bring you to wonder how it lies towards the ecosystem. Our thoughts always materialize. We have designed and created our world. So today we must think differently.
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