Langevin, Roger

Roger Langevin holds a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Arts and Literature from the Université d’Aix (France). A professional artist for the last forty years, his sculptures are displayed in many galleries and in public places all over Quebec and abroad (France, England, Mexico, Ivory Coast, and Egypt). Locally, he is best known for his monumental sculptures, the first of which being the "Monument au draveur" (Monument to a Logger) in Mont-Laurier, followed in Montreal by the statue of Félix Leclerc at the Lafontaine Park and the "Monument aux travailleurs" (Monument to Workers) in front of the CSN building. For now, his best-known work remains the "Monument aux pêcheurs" (Monument to Fishermen) erected in 1990 at Îles-de-la-Madeleine. Since then, having taken up residence in Rimouski, Langevin has produced most of his many monumental works there, including his "Monument aux bâtisseurs" (Monument to Builders) to mark the tercentenary of the city in 1996. At the turn of the year 2000, thanks to a grant from the Federal Government, Langevin designed an original monumental concrete work called "Trimural", which he created alongside more than a hundred volunteers in Rimouski, using devices of his own invention (see:

In 2012, still in Rimouski, he embarked upon an ambitious project involving ten monumental sculptural works to be assembled in one location. The first six are already installed in a park alongside the Rimouski River. The next four should join them by 2015. Recently, as part of a campaign against bullying in schools, he created a sculpture called "l'Esseulée" (The Lonely Girl), which is being located across Quebec in a limited series of 12 pieces. You can see the description of the project on his web site

Note that the work of Roger Langevin is not limited to his abundant production as a sculptor. Upon leaving the École des Beaux-Arts in Montreal (1963), he first taught the Plastic Arts in Mont-Laurier and Beziers (France). He then abandoned teaching, in 1975, to devote himself entirely to his sculpting. In 1994, after doctoral studies in France, he was accepted as an art teacher at the University du Québec à Rimouski. Since then, he has led two joint careers: creating monumental sculptures and teaching art. "Une vie pour sculpter", the book he published in 2010 at the Éditions GID in Québec, as well as "Qui est Roger Langevin?," a film by Russell Ducasse (2009), give an excellent overview of the man, the teacher, and the artist.
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