Vais, Marc

Nature, which we also are part, gives us everything, learns us everything and puts everything at our disposal. All the colors, materials, forms and textures, blazing and disproportionate, energies as much as silences the most immobile and deep, everything is already there, available to our observation. The work of the artist, as Marc sees it, is to take as a starting point something from nature, to recreate it, colored by his own desires, fears, aspirations. This looks like the work of a jazz musician who, from a simple musical theme by some notes, explores the range of emotions and sensitivity generated by this theme. And this piece of music becomes his, is recreated by him, and is his work, his personal contribution.

Marc’s work is done in this way. His starting point is the material: stone, wood, metal, clay. Forms given to this material are both already present in the nature of the material, but also come from about what it is, the perception of his own body, awareness of the effect of any form on the psyche, the art of the human history, 50 000 years old. And it is much more a romantic encounter with nature, a game, a dance, rather than a struggle or hard work. In seeking to highlight the richness that Marc finds in nature, it is finally himself who feels rich, privileged from this invigorating and stimulating contact.
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