Pallière, Frank

Cabinetmaking training often transforms the cabinetmaker in a kitchen fitter who ends up working primarily with melamine panels. Frank Pallière wanted to work the noble material: wood in all its forms according to his inspirations. He therefore started his craftsman cabinet-making business 'Duo ô des bois’.

Initially, he himself tried the experience of turning wood with logs which was previously intended for heating. It was not always easy; often parts damaged and ended up in the fireplace. Now that he has mastered the turning, he increases the level of difficulty in combining other woodworking techniques and turning also hardwoods as ebony. He plays with the natural color of the wood and gives the forms according to his inspiration. Wine, fondue forks and mortar are his main products of turning. The creations of Frank turned naturally to the pleasures of the table since he is a follower. Chopping board, cheese board, serving tray, wine coasters... nothing stops him, everything is possible. So many products and techniques. The fiber orientation and the color of the wood are selected meticulously.

His main goal is to convey his love for wood. He puts a particular care to the finish. Treated with oil to bring out the gloss and varnished to increase resistance. But the secret of beauty is in the love he has for each creation.
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