Bégin, Monique

A native of Abitibi, Monique Bégin especially made career in Ottawa before electing domicile in Rimouski. In the 1980s, West of Quebec, she had a huge success with her polytextiles paintings she created through an assemblage of woolly fabrics. Many were acquired by institutions under the 1% art projects. The finest example is this impressive polytextile, 15 meters long which, hung on the central wall of the CLSC de Buckingham, still amazes visitors.

Today, the artist completely abandoned work on tissues to return to acrylic paint, a medium she was already fond at the end of her studies at l’École des beaux-arts de Montréal in the early sixties. However, this change of medium and technique has never altered her artistic speach which, despite variations due to changes in places (in France and in Africa) has remained focused on nature; not adorned with details anecdotal, funny or trivial in nature, but rather an evocative nature, made up of an infinite number of subtle nuances that her loving eye drew at the touch of generous land. Also to the contact of quiet vegetation or shaken by the wind, water and swathes of sky plans dedicated to continuous colour changes according to the hours and seasons. It is therefore a visual work that Monique Bégin has continued unabated since her youth. Here she is today in the possession of an original style whose colorful harmonies delight the eye, such as the grands crus, the taste buds. Her painting, there is not a doubt that is painting, first. In other words: colors! Colors arranged in simplified, rhythmic, evocative shapes, bring back us to the original bed of our births: the earth, air and water.
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