Dupuis, Lise

Lise Dupuis was born in 1941 in Lac des Plages in the Laurentians. Her works reflect well the daughter of earth she is. She particularly likes the rural scenes to the rhythms of the magnificent seasons. Her paintings of great sensitivity manifest an exaggeration in scenes of interiority. It is a composition that suggests the balance of the masses and the harmony of colours. The light is an integral part of her paintings. She loves the light that leaks away and part of the peaceful landscapes reflecting a poetic gift, the sober composition of her paintings often represent warmth, softness and movement, in an atmosphere to the appearance of cotton wool. They are evidence of sincerity and solidity. The painters that she admired and where she found inspiration at the beginning are Bouguereau, Millet, Corot and Monet. Lise uses mixed techniques: drawing, oil, ink, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, fake stained glass and faux finishers, etc. She is constantly looking for eternal discoveries.
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