Foster, Frances

My paintings and drawings explore the disappearance and decomposition of memory. What we remember over time shifts and fades, is blurred within a framework of selective imagery.

Where does memory reside? Sometimes in dreams we restore a person, object or cherished place to an elevated position within our mind's eye. Through keepsake, reliquary, other valuables in alchemical crucibles and dust, redrawing fragments of bodies and tombs seek connections in absence, in silence, require memory in order to continue.

Past memories both personal and collective form part of an invented ancient dance - a fictional landscape, a reconstructed vision. My paintings and drawings incorporate the heroic; imagined stories, which are silhouetted and reworked, suspended in outrageous dialogue and impossible locomotion.

Paintings are movements toward self-actualization, alchemical change, and evolution. In the journey to healer, winged God, fallen angel, ghost-like fragments of selective memory pose questions without answer.

We are beings whose lives are lived in moments and events. We find solace in reference to objects, details that reinforce connection. The body eventually dies, but memory persists. I explore these cracks within painted dreams in two-dimensional paradigms, where ruins of the past and faded memories collide.
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