Rochon, Rachel

Rachel is an artist painter... deep down her soul. Her life always had a sense through this need to express herself; this will always be. The soul of an artist, it is mostly on the walls of her room that she first experienced it. It is the only canvas at her disposal when she discovers her art at age 13... to the dismay of her parents who cannot provide otherwise for an early career. Later, it will express and test her emotions on such mediums such as friends’ coats, necklaces and even from used televisions and radios - a real achievement as she seeks to express her creative urges! This is how creativity develops and takes form... a world without means but so filled with imagination that it is impossible not to intensively desire to enter!

Eventually, as she deeply recognizes, the figurative realistic production attracts and retains her: without even knowing it, it is the trend that she favors since her teens. At age 30, her period of self-taught development mainly marked by the implementation of the previously acquired techniques, also became the place of predilection for the outbreak of her experimentation. Renoir, Gauguin, Monet and Manet... the Impressionists stimulate and push her toward a personal definition of her art.

It goes without saying that her career as an artist was, remains and will remain undeniably evolutive, progressive in constant excelling of herself to always reach more and more people in the infinite world of human emotions.
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