Téel, Camille

Camille has been drawing, staining and painting for what seems to her as always. Her creative force has gone through various mediums including oil, ink, pastel and, more recently, acrylic. She treats the computer images since a few years already. The computer is for Camille not only the extension of her hand, but also images that germinate so quickly and there are so many in her mind. Finally, the imagination finds its choice in the immediacy... and the impression that the artwork totally matches to the vision we had! The digital print has become for Camille a mode of artistic expression by excellence. It situates her work on the edge between traditional art and computer graphics art, and the result, she hopes, is an original digital print of a single character and authentic.

The medium allows her to extend beyond the two-dimensional framework imposed by the media: not only it can infringe upon an imaginary mat or insert digitally collages, it may also work by superimposed layers. The subject of the work is linked to its environment, either in its periphery, either by affixing or depth. She loves relationship of scattered elements and to create a scene of life. But also, the figurative reference can only become a pretext for discovering a reflexive reality that often opens on abstraction. One way or another, between thinking and imagination, what she is trying to express, is the ephemeral moment of a passage where anything can switch. The computer image processing made her discover something aesthetically new and she is now approaching her art differently, her mixed techniques are an impact.
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