Tremblay-Thaychi, Lise

Lise Tremblay Thaychi studied drawing and sculpture at Fine Arts of Montreal, graphic design at the Graphic Arts of Montreal, fashion, painting and watercolor design, as well as several techniques including paper and marouflage. This led to mixed techniques that she loves because of the almost unlimited possibilities that allow a merger of her previous experiences. Mediums vary depending on the period: the canvas, the canvas, wood panel wood or metal.

Lise Tremblay Thaychi also experiments sculpture: paper material, paper-maché, earth... She is looking for the energy behind the form, the form that arises between her hands, of the birth of a world without borders between reality and her own universe.

Another imperative for the artist; the color. But a color sometimes sensual, soft, diffuse, as behind a glass frosted in a vast area without shade, or stronger and more textured depending on the period. In order to integrate everything, it is with the palette of colors, iridescent paint that Thaychi completes the canvas. "I build my work as the structure of a human body. A parcel of my being is expressed, a color of life has said its word without me interferring. » Lise Tremblay Thaychi.

Lise Tremblay Thaychi exposes in France, Belgium, the United States, Western Canada, Ontario and of course in Quebec. She has participated in more than 40 solo and group exhibitions. Her work is found in numerous private and public collections such as: Bank of Canada, Bell Canada, Christie's, Desjardins, Hotel Vogue, Hydro-Quebec, Montreal Trust, Ogilvy Renault , Foundation Zeberio, Argentina, etc. Some of her work is exposed at the Sergines Museum and Musée Artcolle in France, the Musée Régional de Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Quebec, etc.
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