Dubé, Denis

Born in 1953 in Saint-Roch des Aulnaies, a small village located 100 kilometres east of Quebec, he was initiated as a teenager to wood carving by his father Arthur Dubé who practiced this profession and who had earned a reputation as an animal sculptor.

In parallel, he continued University studies in history and education from 1973 to 1976. He teaches a few years and obtains research contracts for Parc Canada.

At the death of his father in 1983, he came back to work in his studio while continuing his teaching career. He began courses at the school of Sculpture of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli and specialized in wildlife art. As part of this development, he follows a course of Guy Lioult, specialist wildlife art in France.

He found inspiration in the Canada wildlife. His sculptures are exhibited in his workshop as well as in some galleries-shops of Quebec, Ontario and some States in the northeast of the United States.
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